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Does My Absence Make Your Heart Grow Fonder?

Oh I’ve been missing for a few months now haven’t I? There is a very good reason behind it!
Remember when I showed you this video…

Well… He’s Here!


This is Rowan George. He was born on the 14th May 2016 which makes him 4 months old already! I have been so exhausted that I’ve not even opened the lid of my laptop to tell you all. But I think I couldn’t have a better excuse for disappearing!
This little man is amazing and I fall more in love with him every day.

Kaden couldn’t be more proud to be a big brother. Every time he enters the room, Rowan’s face lights up with the biggest of smiles. It’s beautiful to witness.


Don’t give up on me just yet though! I will be back to knitting, blogging and social media-ing very soon (hopefully in October) but Rowan is a demanding little thing that tires me out daily! If you miss me too much you can catch my goings on over on my Instagram or on Snapchat as kellymdesigns. Be prepared for lots of baby-ness though!

Happy knitting! We’ll catch up again soon!

New Year, New Baby!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are now back to normality, trying to lose those excess pounds we (mostly) all pile on!

I have big news to begin my new blog with. Back in August I found out I was pregnant with my second child! We had been trying for a long time (6 years in total) and with 2 miscarriages and then nothing at all for 5 years, we had pretty much given up any hope. So to find out I was pregnant was a big shock and a big scare since I was terrified of having another miscarriage. Well, 4 months later, I have had my 20 weeks scan and all is well.
We also found out the gender this time around. Something we didn’t do with our first, my 7 year old son, Kaden. But he was so desperate to know if he was having a brother (preferred by him) or sister (he would “get used to the idea!”) that we found out for him.

Watch the video below to see just what we are having.
Exciting times ahead!

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