Does My Absence Make Your Heart Grow Fonder?

Oh I’ve been missing for a few months now haven’t I? There is a very good reason behind it!
Remember when I showed you this video…

Well… He’s Here!


This is Rowan George. He was born on the 14th May 2016 which makes him 4 months old already! I have been so exhausted that I’ve not even opened the lid of my laptop to tell you all. But I think I couldn’t have a better excuse for disappearing!
This little man is amazing and I fall more in love with him every day.

Kaden couldn’t be more proud to be a big brother. Every time he enters the room, Rowan’s face lights up with the biggest of smiles. It’s beautiful to witness.


Don’t give up on me just yet though! I will be back to knitting, blogging and social media-ing very soon (hopefully in October) but Rowan is a demanding little thing that tires me out daily! If you miss me too much you can catch my goings on over on my Instagram or on Snapchat as kellymdesigns. Be prepared for lots of baby-ness though!

Happy knitting! We’ll catch up again soon!

Elegant Lacy Vest Out Now! 4

My latest design for Let’s Knit! Magazine has been published.

Fizz 1

The Elegant Lacy Vest is knitted from the bottom up, in the round, with waist shaping and a beautiful lace work pattern on the top half. I love how this turned out and will definitely be making another one for myself!

I think it’s the perfect summer top as it can be worn during the day but also at night for those impromptu drinks in the beer garden!

Fizz 2

Although I’m happy with this now, I was not so happy a few weeks ago when my morning sickness came back to bite me in the bum! Let me explain.

When I first submitted the lacy vest to Let’s Knit! I was not pregnant. I designed the top not knowing how things would change over the coming months. My submission looked like this:

SubSheet FInal

I was confident in this one and, after some yarn changes, the editor of Let’s Knit! and I chose Sublime Yarns Cotton Silk DK, which is beautiful to work with. I received the yarn and started knitting. About two days later I found out I was pregnant. I hadn’t begun to grade the pattern, just work bits out for the sample, but I didn’t really think anything of it. The k1, p1 (1×1) ribbing had to be changed to k2, p2, (2×2) ribbing to accommodate the shaping I had in mind. The neck line needed to be altered to what I had originally intended too. Nothing major. All fixable.

The pattern was knitted up and I graded it with relative ease for the other seven sizes. Then I got the pattern into testing. I was so confident in my work that I only had three testers on this one and didn’t bother searching for more. I figured it would be a case of a couple of typos and maybe some maths errors here and there. Easy fixes. How wrong was I?!

My morning sickness kicked in during the first week of testing. It was horrendous! I spent most days in bed and barely looked at my laptop. The testers were pretty much on their own. I have since apologised, but I still feel terrible! Although the changes caused a few problems at first, the test went well and I was happy when it was over and I could put this one to bed…for now.

Fast forward 3 – 4 months and I get an email from the deputy editor of Let’s Knit! Her tech editor has hit some problems with the pattern and we needed to work through them. At this stage of my pregnancy I was in full blown baby brain mode. I couldn’t concentrate on anything for long periods of time and things that seemed to make perfect sense was utter gobbledygook to anyone else.

I looked at the pattern and fixed the initial issue quite quickly, but then the tech editor came back and told me there were more errors further up. When I looked again, the pattern was a complete mess. It made hardly any sense where I had got the maths from. It was a jumble of nonsense. The only reasons the testers had managed to knit this with relative ease was because they were all knitting sizes that were not affected by my baby brain. They had got lucky!

Fizz 3

I set to work, explained myself to the, quite frankly, wonderful tech editor, and re-wrote the pattern, pretty much from scratch. I nearly cried a few times. It was meant to be so simple. Any other time in my life and it would have been so simple. But not with a belly full of baby! Together, the tech editor and I got through it and came through the other side, creating the beautiful piece above us. I am now even more thrilled with how it turned out since I really worked for it. This was almost a nemesis! But instead, with the help of others, I have something to be proud of.

Since then I have decided that garments will be put to one side for now, until my baby brain has passed, my baby is a little older and I can sit and concentrate for longer periods of time than two minutes. So you will be seeing a lot of accessories from me for a while, and baby clothes!

There is one more garment to come and then we will have a quiet from them, for some time, but not forever. I admit defeat. The baby brain beat me, and the morning sickness too!

The Elegant Lacy Vest is available through Let’s Knit! Magazine right now, for 1 month only. So grab it fast. I promise it is now good to go! You can see more info about it here on Ravelry.

Have you ever been so affected by baby brain? I would love to hear that I’m not alone in this!

40% off for my 40 years!

Today I turn 40. The big dreaded four oh….


But why be glum about it right? It happens to us all if we are lucky. Plus there is nothing we can do about it. Every year we take a step closer to the next number. So I thought, why not do something with this big fat number?

From midnight tonight (8th April 2016) until midnight on the 15th April 2016, all of my available patterns will have 40% off the original price. 40% That’s good right? It’s almost half price!

You don’t need a coupon code or anything fancy, just click the buy it now button either on my website or through Ravelry and enjoy the discount.

Because we can’t be glum chum. Anyway, I hear from a few good sources that this is when life begins!

Westlake Baby Hat and Booties Set

WL 13

I am super excited to let you all know about my new baby hat and booties set, Westlake!

It’s been a long time since I self published anything, but since I have to take a step back from the magazines because of having a baby on the way, I thought I would spend my time making baby things. So why not design them and release them myself!

I am not disappearing from the mags altogether. No, no, no. I am just cutting back my work load with them to simple accessories instead of garments and making my life easier while a little ones screams for his supper!

The first of my baby “things” is Westlake. A unisex hat and booties set knitted in the round.

WL 4

The main stitch pattern is a simple knits and purls repeat called “Little Boxes”. While making these I had that song in my head the whole time; “Little boxes on a hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky….” I almost named the pattern “Ticky Tacky” but thought it didn’t quite fit what I had in mind. When I searched google about the song I discovered that it was written in a car while driving past Westlake in California. And so, “Westlake” was born.

The hat is knitted in the round from bottom up. With a contrasting edge and separating stripe before the main pattern begins. I am normally a HUGE pom pom fan but went minimal this time with a little one instead. I held back! The little strap on the side helps to pull the set together.

WL 11

The cute little booties are also knit in the round. With a garter stitch sole and patterned sides. The strap can be adjusted to fit if needed. The higher it is, the tighter the fit so we don’t have flying booties while the baby kicks their legs about!

I am over the moon with how these turned out and a few of the testers have mentioned the pattern is their new go to gift set for incoming babies. I have to admit, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy!


WL 9

Westlake is released now and you can go purchase your copy immediately by clicking this button or here to find out more info.


Spring Knits Inspiration

Spring has almost sprung and it’s time to put the chunky yarn down and pick up the cotton DK’s and, dare I say it, 4 ply! I’ve been looking through some beautiful spring / summer designs to get our teeth into and found some, quite simply, inspirational knitwear that I think you will all love.

Eastbound Sweater

The Eastbound Sweater by Courtney Kelley is a stunning gansey style sweater which has been reinvented. A wide upper body and drop shoulder sleeve makes loose fitting garment, perfect for lounging and ideal for the spring months to keep off that slight chill in the air .

Artisan Shawl

Artesian is one of my most favourite shawls. It is designed by  Rosemary (Romi) Hill and is a triangle shawl with asymmetrical sections of lace intercepting along the edge. It’s definitely on my spring knit list.

Tove Top

Tove is a beautifully elegant piece by Amy Christoffers. The vintage style eyelet lace creates such a timeless piece and perfect for the coming months. This tee is worked flat and stitched up at the end. Do you want to know the best part? It’s free from Berroco!

Abra Alba wrist warmers

The Abra Alba Wrist Warmers by  Matilde Skår are a cute little pair of fingerless gloves great for adding colour to your spring wardrobe. With a simple stranded colour work edging in a scallop detail, these gloves can make you dream of sandy beaches or whisk you off to sea purely by the colour choices you make. Oh, it’s a free pattern too!

Pressed Leaves Closeup

Pressed Leaves by the ever talented Alana Dakos just screams spring to me. The growing leaves reminding you that the trees are coming back to life and the slouched beret style keeping off the last throws of winter frost. A beautiful accessory for any wardrobe.


Thyme by Louisa Harding is a vintage style shrug reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. With the gorgeous lace leaves running around the edges and the ageless (Thymeless!) style, this is attire sure to turn heads.

I want to make everything from this list although finding the time to do it before this spring is going to be hard! Bring on the warm weather though. I’m definitely ready for it!

Do you have a list of spring items you are ready to make?

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